Now That's Camp Magic

By Green River Preserve

From Uncle’s Falls to the Indian Cave, this morning yielded discoveries and Polar Bears a-plenty! Campers went with their Mentor hikes to various locations around the preserve, looking under rocks and exploring bivouacs for elusive creatures and ancient artifacts. Red efts were observed and medicinal plants explained and collected. The campers returned for a much-anticipated lunch with plenty of stories to tell about the adventures they’d had in the morning!

After lunch—and, of course, rest hour—the campers started their new activities! Fresh feet found the climbing wall and the archery range had new archers. Those who had made pottery in the past few days finally had a chance to glaze their creations during free time. The other campers spent their hour relaxing in hammock-ville, trying out the Zip-line, looking for salamanders by the lake, working on projects at the Pioneer Cabin or participating in the plethora of other activities across the front field and Lodge.

All of the campers and staff were in an excited frenzy during cabin time getting ready for one of the biggest dress-up nights of the session: Pirate Night! They arrived at dinner to find the lodge transformed into nothing other than a pirate ship, complete with wanted pirates, swashbuckling sailors, and dinner by candlelight. Near the end of dinner, the staff members participating in the staff hunt left to find their hiding spots, and the campers readied to search for them. The staff were worth points based on how many years they had spent on the preserve, ranging from 1 (100) to 27 (2700!). Once the staff had been captured and forced to “walk the plank” (also known as the high dive), the evening was ended with the nightly “Sisters, Brothers” blessing and Rose Bud Thorn in the cabins. The campers are already talking about the spirit stones they can’t wait to find tomorrow, and what they’ll discover on their next hike!

Until next time,
Jaclyn (HH2)