OBX Opening

By Anne Mead

Kayaks? Check! Life jackets? Check! Paddles? Check! Swim review? Check! Ready to hit the water? Check! Check! Check!

OBX session 1 has kicked off! Expeditioners were dropped off yesterday in Morehead City, NC where they gathered and met their leaders Allison, Mackenzie, and Richard. Once everyone had arrived, they ventured a little west to Cedar Point Campground. Here expeditions had its official opening, starting with the Green River tradition of  an opening Respect Circle. Expeditioners and leaders discussed what makes a community and how they can all work together to ensure their expedition community is successful. Everyone’s input was phenomenal!

Today, Monday July 18, the group ventured to the Quarry Lakes on the White Oak River. Each individual was issued their personal kayak, life jacket, paddle, and paddling gear for the duration of the expedition. Basic kayaking skills and tips were reviewed in the morning and each expeditioner also participated in a swim review. The group will spend the afternoon paddling around the lakes, perfecting their skills, and more than likely playing a couple of games of ultimate frisbee kayak! The expeditioners will spend the night at the lakes and launch tomorrow morning for their 3 day trip along the White Oak River.

Overall- the weather is beautiful, the group is awesome, and everything is going great!