OBX Preparing For The Banks

By Green River Preserve

Yesterday, July 8th, OBX hit the water bound for Little Island. The plan was to do an overnight and get their feet sandy in preparation for the banks trip. The group showed great fortitude, battling a head wind for quite some time before it was decided that they would play it safe and return to shore. Half of the group did not approve of the decision while half embraced it.
Later, the half that didn’t approve concluded that this had been a good decision and were looking forward to making the best of their afternoon and the next morning. They did have a great afternoon at Stella where they swam, slack lined, and just had a good time as a group talking and laughing.
After dinner the group was enthralled by ghost stories shared by Richard. The ghost stories lead into a long discussion about dreams and their meanings. With another day of high winds in the forecast the group will be fishing and swimming for the first half of the day and getting ready to set off for the banks early tomorrow morning.