OBX1 News

By Anne Mead

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OBX1 is doing great. They have had a fabulous week of paddling, swimming, crabbing, touring, and more. 
On Tuesday, they paddled 8 miles down the White Oak River, from Haywood Landing to Stella. They spent the afternoon fishing, cast netting, and crabbing….. and eating a garbage bag full of crabs that Scott (our base camp host) gave to the group.  Pita pizzas were served for dinner and everyones’ rose of the day was the entire day.. and almost no one had a thorn. They capped the evening with a post-dinner swim.
Wednesday, the group paddled up Hunter’s Creek and had another fabulous day on the water! Thursday, the group went to Beaufort in order to gather supplies for their banks trip and visit the maritime museum. The leaders tell me the highlight was a stop for some ice cream! IMG_1180

 Friday the crew took off for their trip to the banks. They spent last night on Shakelford amongst the wild horses. Everyone is happy, healthy, and having a blast! Stay tuned for more.