OBX2 is Coming to a Close...

By Anne Mead

To recap of the last few days…

Thursday was spent at Cape Lookout, where the group took a ferry, because it was too windy to kayak. The Captain of the ferry took them close to the wild horses that run on Shackleford Island! The group had an awesome campsite in the trees, which offered a great escape from the heat. They swam in the sound, where they played in a competitive game of Marco Polo, took a walk on the beach, and had an afternoon of shell skipping and more swimming. They also did some fishing throughout the day. The night was ended with a perfect sunset on the pier.

Friday, the expeditioners did some lessons on where to catch fish, how to carve a stick, how to tie knots, and how to cook a steak…probably the most important lesson if you ask me! This was followed by lunch and then some swimming in the ocean, which was a cold as ice! But they said it felt good in the heat. A little later, they went to the top of the lighthouse, went to the lighthouse museum, and then they had a rest hour. During the rest hour they could either play cards or go swimming in the sound, but they all got to see an osprey gliding across the water! Later that night they went fishing and caught a lot of small fish off the pier.

With an early morning rise on Saturday, the campers took the ferry back, loaded up the boats, and kayaked to Shackleford. While packing the boats, they saw dolphins in the sound! While on the island, they took a much-needed, nice rest hour in the shade after spending some time on the beach. After super, a huge storm came with a lot of wind and lightening. But with weeks of preparation and training for emergency weather situations, everyone knew what to do, and were safe and sound!

Sunday they woke up and paddled back. The group said they were thankful it was overcast instead of sunny, because they were much cooler. Once back, they unloaded and headed back to Stella. Hot showers, pizza, and ice cream were the mission of the night!!

Today, the group is getting some unpacking and cleaning done…The trip can’t be spectacular all the time, I reckon. Overall, the last few days have been amazing, with a lot of laughs, sunshine, and beautiful sights!