OBX2 Update

By Anne Mead

IMG_1315Man….I wish I could be relaxing on a beach! Today the expeditioners were on day 3 of there Outerbanks kayaking trek. They had arrived at Cape Lookout and planned to layover there today and visit the lighthouse, museum, and walk to the tip of the island. What’s so cool about this spot is you can see the sun rise in the east and set in the west in the same place! Prior to arriving at Cape Lookout they had been on Shakelford banks with the wild horses. They had a wonderful time discovering new marine life, swimming, and enjoying the endless sky views. I have also been told that this is quite the cooking crew. Supposedly the meals these expeditioners have been preparing are nearly restaurant worthy. I am unsure if this is attributed to the “everything taste good when your hungry and outside theory” or if it really is indeed true….but I believe all the parents should experiment when their campers arrive home. Tomorrow the crew will continue north up towards Codd’s Creek where they will spend the night and then start their final paddle back to the mainland. All in all it appears the expedition is having a wonderful time! Until next time…happy paddling.IMG_1299IMG_1285IMG_1291