Off to a great start! (Session 7, Day 2)

By Sandy Schenck

After breakfast the campers headed off on their mentor hikes and let me just say the weather couldn’t have been nicer – sunny with temperatures in the mid-70s.

Caroline’s group, known now as the Eagle Eyes, started off at Long Rock and then trekked through the woods to Indian Cave. On the way, they spotted a hawk flying overhead. The campers had so much fun exploring the cave.

Bentor took his group on a walkout hike near base camp. They started off behind Sandy and Missy’s house in search of the bear that just recently had been resting on their porch. No luck though. They did find the tree house which to just about any child that is a good thing. As they were walking by the lake, one of the campers spotted a couple of snakes – a northern banded watersnake. Near the end of their hike, they made a campfire in the tipi.

Other groups visited Uncle’s Falls, Hemlock Fields, and the Balds. Oh, and by the way, an entire busload of campers spotted a fawn on the way back to camp! How neat is that! That means one of the four animals has already been spotted for them to get a Grand Slam. Now all they need to see is a bear, a venomous snake and a wild turkey. Today is only Monday, so it could happen.

Evening program was a camp favorite – Predator Prey. The campers will surely sleep well tonight!

(A few videos were uploaded. You may view them via your CampIn Touch page. Scroll down to the bottom of the video page for the Session 7 links. We have one more cabin photo to add (Little Tree 1) which will be done Tuesday afternoon.)