Opening Day

By Sandy Schenck

Opening day yesterday was a success. All of the campers have arrived at this point and are getting ready to go on their first mentor hike. The mentor hikes happen every morning. The campers are split into 10 groups of 9-10 kids and go some place different every morning.

Yesterday after the parents left, they all went on a camp tour, ate lunch, participated in the respect circle, and then did the swim review. After the swim review they went back to the cabins to dry off and change clothes and then back to the lodge to sign up for their afternoon activities. Then it was time for a pizza dinner and the evening program. Last night was the camper favorite, Capture the Flag. After the evening program we sang sisters/brothers and headed off to bed.

Most days this blog will be updated at night and there will be photos. The photos from yesterday will be up sometime in the afternoon, here.