Opening Day Already?!

By Sara Huffman



What better way to start a new session than with an instantaneous rainstorm to clear our minds, bodies, and souls in preparation for the adventures ahead?  Parents and campers pulled into the back field eager to meet their councilors and to see their new home for the next two weeks.  Shortly after the rainstorm had passed, all of our campers roamed base camp with wide eyes and bright smiles. Kids said their goodbyes to parents, siblings, grandparents and friends and strolled back to their cabins to meet one another for the first time and get  their very first photo as a cabin family together.








All the boys and girls had their own “Respect Circle” where they discussed the importance of respecting nature, their elders, each other, and themselves.  Not two hours after the rain had drenched us all, yet another heat wave struck, and all the campers jumped in the lake for the swim review.  After the swim review campers and counselors spent some time getting to know one another and rested in the cabins until the dinner bell called everyone up to the lodge.  After Missy explained our family-style dinners, all the campers joined together to sing a song for all that we were thankful for that day, including the earth, the sun, the rain, and the GRP.  




Every cabin ate their first dinner as a family and headed out to the sacred Upper Council Fire meeting. The rain clouds followed us to our meeting and we relocated to the lodge where we could stay warm and dry for the stories and songs that were to be shared.  We are all looking forward to what tomorrow brings, as it is a new day here at GRP

The Campout Coordinator