Opening Day Excitement (Base Camp Session 7, August 2)

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff are all excited about Session 7!  Gates opened early this morning and campers started rolling in, eager to claim their bunks and get started with activities; we were just as eager to see them.  After campers and their families went through our check-in process, campers headed off with cabin groups for a tour of camp.  On the tour, they stop by places like the Craft Lodge, where activities might take place.  They also stop by the dining hall in the main Lodge, where they set their table for lunch.  By the time the bell rings, everyone is hungry, and we all gather at the Lodge.  Before we go into lunch, we sing our blessing—a version of the Johnny Appleseed song:

Oh, the earth is good to me, / And so I thank the earth, / For giving me the things I need, / The sun and the rain and the GRP!! / Oh, the earth is good to me!

After lunch, we all (first girls, then boys) went to the Gazebo, where we participated in the Respect Circle—an Opening Day tradition at the Green River Preserve.  We hear about the camp’s founding, and we are all given the opportunity to agree to “respect ourselves, respect each other, and respect all living creatures” while we are part of the GRP community—“I will!” resounds across the West Field.  After the Respect Circle, campers sign up for afternoon activities (their choices this session include archery, BB Skeet, dance, creative writing, and “A Bug’s Life”—live-action entomology!) and then they go through our swim review.  All these activities get us ready for fun and discovery the rest of the week.

At dinnertime, we all enjoyed delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes (seriously good!), green beans and corn, rolls, and salad bar (and there’s always pb & j and a vegetarian option), and then we dove into chocolate cake for dessert.  Then everyone headed back to their cabins to put on their light or dark clothing, depending on which team they were on for evening program… Capture the Flag—a perennial camp favorite.  Campers and staff played hard—and now they are all in back their cabins, fast asleep, we presume, tired out by an exciting day and resting up for more adventures tomorrow!

You can see pictures from today here (including cabin photos!), and we’ll keep you posted the rest of the week on all the excitement!