Opening Day - Session 1

By Sandy Schenck

What a fabulous opening day we had here at GRP! The weather was beautiful, the counselors were smiling as they met their new campers and the parents truly seemed to enjoy looking around the camp with a few even taking a short rest on the lodge deck. (I really think some of them wanted to stay and go to camp as well.) After the parents left, cabin photos were taken and lunch was served. The campers enjoyed a traditional opening day meal of pizza which was eaten quickly along with fresh veggies at the salad bar and a delicious cucumber salad served at the table.

After lunch the girls gathered in the gazebo for the GRP Respect Circle followed by the boys. It’s a time when campers and staff agree to respect themselves, each other and all living things. Next was swim review and fun games on the front field. I think the boys particularly enjoyed playing with Bentor’s dog Dante. The girls played Alaskan Baseball… I actually watched them play and I’m still not sure why it’s called that, but it looked like they were having a blast!

After various other activities and free time, the campers enjoyed a delicious, and I do mean, delicious meal of fried chicken with all the “fixins.” An evening program followed with cabin time and then lights out. A full day of adventure, friendship and fun awaits!