Opening Day: Session 1

By Sandy Schenck

Despite a rainy opening day, there were plenty of smiles and excitement all around. After the parents left, the campers went on a tour of the camp with their counselors. After a hearty lunch of soup, salad and sandwiches, the girls and then the boys gathered at the gazebo for the traditional GRP Respect Circle. It’s a time when Sandy and Missy talk to the campers about having respect for yourself, respect for each other and respect for all living things. Each camper and staff member then promised to try their best to do these things by saying aloud “I will.”

After signing up for activities, campers then did swim review despite the drizzling rain. They really wanted to! With more activities in the afternoon and evening, the children were certainly ready for lights out at 9:30. It’s a wonder if they will sleep though… most likely they were so excited about the start of their adventures tomorrow that the thought of sleep was far from their minds. 

(Remember, if you want to see the cabin photos, log into your CampIn Touch account. We have all of them up except for one due to the fact that a camper came in later. We’ll post that one tomorrow afternoon.)