Opening Day Session 3

By Sandy Schenck

If you’ve made it here you are half way to viewing the photos everyday. I try to update the blog and post photos every night, but sometimes our activities run to late for that to be feasible. If the blog is not updated by 11PM, then it will most likely not be updated until the next morning.

Opening day was a huge success. All our campers are here and check in. Yesterday after the parents left, the campers played games getting to know the people in their cabin and then headed up to lunch. Sometime before lunch yesterday one of the cabin groups saw a deer, one of the grand slam animals. After lunch we had the respect circle and the swim review. After they got dried off from swimming, the campers came to the lodge to watch skits about activities and choose what they wanted to sign-up for. By then it was almost time for dinner and after dinner was a camper favorite: Capture the Flag.

That’s all for now. Click here for photos.