Opening Day, Session 6

By Sandy Schenck

Opening day started off cloudy, but soon the sun came out. Once the campers were settled in and said their good-byes, the camp tours started which included cabin photos. (Two cabin photos will be taken tomorrow afternoon since not all the campers had arrived yet.)

After lunch, the girls, then the boys headed to the gazebo for the Respect Circle which is a time when the campers promise to respect themselves, each other and all living things. Each one then says “I will.”

Swim review and games on the field came next. Once the reviews were complete the campers went up to the lodge to watch some very entertaining activity skits put on by the staff and then they signed up for what they wanted to do during the two weeks. The much anticipated free time was next on the schedule. Campers were able to swim, read, play boardgames and during all this time renew old friendships and make new ones.

Dinner was the traditional opening day meal – fried chicken, green beans, salad, mashed potatoes, rolls and dessert. (We always offer a vegetarian option.) Upper council fire was the evening program. The children then returned to their cabins for rose/bud/thorn and then it was lights out. I imagine many of the children are pretty excited about their first FULL day at GRP tomorrow!