Opening Day - Sessions 2 & 3

By Sandy Schenck

It was a beautiful opening day at GRP. It was good to see so many familiar faces. I noticed some of the campers had shot up over the past year with a few of them being even taller than their counselors. After camp tours and cabin photos (more will be uploaded tomorrow) the campers had lunch where they learned about ort.

Now, I will admit here, that before I started working at GRP, I had no idea what ort was. On the other hand, when Elan, one of our mentors, talked to the campers about ort, they clearly did. She explained the differences between good ort such as apple cores, watermelon rinds, etc. and sad ort like bread, cheese and various other leftovers. Today’s Ort Report was impressive – hardly any sad ort at all which means they’re most definitely in Coolsville. (At this point you need to make a wave motion with  your hand and say the word Coolsville starting at a high tone and then ending low… drawing it out a bit as well C-o-o-o-o-l-s-ville.)

After lunch the girls and then the boys gathered at the gazebo for the traditional GRP Respect Circle. It’s a time when Sandy and Missy talk to the campers about having respect for yourself, respect for each other and respect for all living things. Each camper and staff member then promised to try their best to do these things by saying aloud “I will.” Very powerful and moving…

Swim review and fun field games followed with a delicious meal of fried chicken with all the “fixins” at dinnertime. The evening program was Capture the Flag which is a big favorite around here. I imagine the campers and staff alike will sleep well tonight… or maybe not. They’re probably so excited about spending their first FULL day at GRP!