Opening Day, Sessions 3 & 4 (Sunday, June 27)

By Sandy Schenck

Sessions 3 (3-week) and 4 (2-week) are off to a super start here at the Green River Preserve!  Staff were up early, ready to greet our incoming campers, and happy to see them when they got here.  Campers and families got bags and belongings moved into cabins; once families said their goodbye’s, campers went on a tour of camp, seeing where many of their activities will take place.  Then we all headed up to the Lodge for lunch, where we also heard about dining room procedures—and ORT!—organic recyclable trash—or, compostable material.  We try to recycle as much as possible here at the GRP, and that includes food.  We even have our own superheroes dedicated to ORT—but more on that in a minute!

After lunch, campers signed up for activities—they’ll take a variety of activities in the next few weeks.  Their choices include archery, BB Skeet, crafts, fencing, creative writing, fly-fishing, dance, and gardening.  Then everyone went to the swim lake, where we went over waterfront procedures and campers underwent their swim review.  Next we met in the Gazebo for the Respect Circle, an Opening Day tradition at the GRP.  We talk about the history of the camp and its tradition of asking all who join the community to agree to respect themselves, each other, and every living thing.

After a delicious dinner of fried chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes, peas, and salad bar, and chocolate cake for dessert, we had a visit from Ortman and Scrappy, the GRP’s very own superheroes dedicated to preventing food waste.  They visit every evening, and we measure the amount of ORT we have as a camp.  (If we keep the ORT below a certain level for the next two weeks, Paul, one of our directors, will jump into the lake in his clothes!)  Ortman and Scrappy always leave us with these parting words of wisdom:  “Waste not, want not!”

After dinner, campers and staff flooded the West Field for a camp favorite—Capture the Flag!  They are back in cabins now, getting rested up for a busy first day of activities tomorrow.  You can check out some pictures from today here, and check back with us tomorrow night for another update!