Outer Banks Expeditions: Session 1, Update 2

By Sandy Schenck

After Monday’s campout at Stella, on Tuesday morning the expeditioners learned how to navigate with a map and compass in preparation for their upcoming paddle. After having lunch and spending the day packing for the Shackleford trip, they had a relaxing music night around the fire and closed the day with rose/bud/thorn.

Wednesday morning they ate breakfast and began their exciting paddle to Shackleford banks, which is a beautiful, undeveloped island where feral horses are free to roam. The horses are one of the main attractions to camping on Shackleford, and how the horses arrived on Shackleford is still a mystery today! When they reached Shackleford after their paddle across the ocean, the expeditioners had lunch followed by a shell scavenger hunt along the beach. After having the rest of the day to set up camp and explore the island, they then had dinner followed by rose/bud/thorn.

Thursday they paddled to Horsepen and when they stopped for lunch they had time for a siesta as well as time to write in their journals. After arriving at Horsepen, they learned about Maritime Forest Ecology, had a lesson about feral ponies, and also made shell necklaces out of home-made cordage. After dinner the expeditioners went on a night hike in the sound.

Friday morning they packed up and began a sunrise paddle to Cape Lookout. Once they reached Cape Lookout, the expeditioners went snorkeling and then got settled in to their campsite. After dinner they had a campfire on the beach and had a competition of who could light a fire with a single match!

Saturday the expeditioners had a relaxing rest-up morning at Cape Lookout and then had a Sea Turtle presentation, since Cape Lookout is known for their sea turtle studies program. After lunch, they had time to play on the beach and swim in the ocean.

Today they will set out on another paddling journey to Codd’s Creek and have primitive craft making activities along the way!