Outer Banks Expeditions Session 2, July 17

By Sandy Schenck

A Happy Saturday to all! The expeditioners finished up their paddling tour of the Outer Banks yesterday. They had great paddling weather and enjoyed a sunrise paddle as well. Today, they are spending the day in service at the Waterfowl Museum next to the Visitor’s Center on Harker’s Island. In return for their service, they get to sleep indoors (away from mosquitos!) and use an indoor toilet (ahhh, the simple things). The expeditioners saw their coastal Grand Slam and celebrated with ice cream (ask them all about it). Tomorrow, they will sspend the day washing, packing up and having some time for quiet reflection with solo sits and a final community ceremony. Safe travels to all coming to the coast to pick up your expeditioner. We will post final photos as soon as they arrive from the coast!