Outer Banks Expeditions: Session 3, Update 1

By Sandy Schenck

The last session of the Outer Banks Expeditions started off very well with welcomes and introductions at the Shell Point. After lunch they visited the Cape Lookout Visitor Center. After arriving at the White Oak campground they gathered for the respect circle, just like at base camp, where they promise to respect themselves, each other and all living things. After dinner the talked about the Woodcraft Laws, had the talking shell ceremony and then did rose/bud/thorn.

On Wednesday they learned kayaking strokes and wet exits and then used those skills at a nearby lake. After lunch the expeditioners learned about primitive camping techniques then packed for the river trip. Thursday they paddled to Haywood and had lunch on the river. Before dinner they paddled again, but at dusk.

They paddled to Stella on Friday, planned menus and prepared for the Shackleford Banks trip. Early this morning they learned about tides, maps and compasses, visited the NC Maritime Museum and Bonehenge later in the afternoon. Tomorrow they will paddle to Shackleford.