Perhaps the Most Important Rest Hour...

By Sara Huffman

Today marked the end of campout and the beginning of the final week of GRP Session 2.  This morning, we were scattered about the Preserve, from Trout Pond to Hemlock Field to Peggy’s Rock (and everywhere in between).  After yesterday’s hike, another night sleeping outside, and an early morning trek back to base camp, we all converged on the back field to return gear and headed straight for the shower houses.  Looking back on the last few days, I have learned that miracles really can happen: we didn’t see any rain on campout!


Following perhaps the most important and well-appreciated rest hour of the session, we signed up for a Green River favorite: Group Learning Projects (GLPs). Later this week, each camper will participate in two full-day activities led by our fabulous mentors. This session’s GLPs include bushwhacks around the preserve, traditional Japanese pottery firing, primitive crafts, and much more. GLPs are one of my favorite aspects of the GRP experience because they allow our campers to gain skills and appreciation for the many areas expertly taught by our mentors and counselors. Furthermore, they allow staffers and campers to foster relationships that stretch from summer to summer and form the backbone of the Green River community. 
I can’t wait until the GLP days later this week, but before then we have another round of mentor hikes and afternoon activities. And even though the campers seemed tired from campout, I think they’re ready for more given the hoots and screams of joy emanating from the front field as I type.  I can’t resist joining them, so farewell from Green River and enjoy the rest of your week!

(Counselor, Fireside 1)