Predator vs. Prey

By Green River Preserve

by Delaney Oursler

It’s safe to say that an all-around favorite when it comes to Evening Programs here at GRP is the legendary game of Predator vs. Prey. This game encompasses all of base camp, both physically and in campers involved. Each cabin is assigned a species in an abbreviated food chain including hawks, snakes, frogs, and insects.

Game play can best be summed up as a strategic scavenger hunt crossed with hide-and-go-seek tag. Each species is required to obtain a specific number of hidden “resources” hidden around camp property in order to survive, all while avoiding attacks from species higher up in the food chain. Cabin groups dress in camouflage, complete with leaves and mud smears at times, in order to better disguise themselves from possible predators. However, if you happen to be assigned to play as a hawk, you’re required to dress head to toe in bright, neon colors in order to flaunt your position at the top of the food chain!

Following the completion of game play, all cabins gather to discuss their experiences as members of a merciless food chain and reflect on their trials and tribulations concerning gathering resources and trying to survive. Campers often express the sentiment that they are happy to be granted safe zones and grace periods during the game- privileges that animals aren’t granted in the wild outdoors!

The evening was dubbed a huge success after we managed to beat the rain, and a grand time was had by all.