Questions are the Best Questions

By Green River Preserve

Indian pipe is a non-photosynthetic plant that exists in a parasitic relationship with both trees and fungi. It is exceedingly rare, yet on a mentor hike a few mornings ago, we saw several large stands of it. On the same hike, we inspected shelf fungi and wild edibles like sourwood and hemlock. We took time to study everything, from the top of the canopy to the forest floor. In fact, we spent so much time observing the world around us that we almost forgot our final destination, Fawn Lake.

This demonstrates our eagerness to learn here. Knowledge is gained on our hikes, in our activities, and even at the dinner table. Many of the campers this session have attended Green River Preserve for years. They have learned so much from this place, but there is always more for them to discover. One of my campers informed me that this is her fifth year here, but it is her first year to participate in archery, and she loves it. GRP fosters this type of new experience and discovery.

I am learning alongside my campers. Last night, we played Predator/Prey and in this game, we simulated the food web by acting as animals struggling to stay alive in the natural world. We asked questions about respecting these animals and their environment. Then, at our science fair, we delved into topics such as air pressure, ionic bonds, and geological time. We knew nothing about trebuchets, and now, we know quite a bit.
My campers often ask me, “Why?” Why does this happen? Why should we do that? 
“Why?” questions are the best questions, the real questions, and the questions that are the hardest to answer. Here at GRP, we work together to discover answers to these questions.

Audrey (ATI2)