Rain Rain

By Green River Preserve

We have had some rain today, but that has definitely not stopped the fun at camp!
Campers had a ball on morning mentor hikes today, before lunch and the start of rain. Groups
spent time in the cave, on a walkout on search for deer, climbing the Balds, exploring the farm, challenging themselves to a creek crossing on a rope at Reasonover, hiking to Uncle’s Falls to spot many salamanders and bright colored fungus, and many more hikes. The group hiking the Balds saw and heard a rattlesnake on their hike.
Another group spent the morning mountain biking. The groups all made it back to the Lodge for a tasty lunch of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. At the end of lunch, a large rain storm came through. Many campers (and staff) enjoyed dancing in the rain. Campers and counselors braved the rain to get back to the cabins for the start of rest hour. A new set of activities followed rest hour. Campers had activities such as canoeing, knitting and fiber arts, rock climbing, nature art, BB skeet, archery, and many more.

Campers can look forward to a camp-wide game of capture the flag tonight for the evening