Rainy Monday

By Green River Preserve

On this rainy day at the Preserve, the Lodge is bustling full of activities such as Climbing, Theatre, Music and Canoeing. The Lodge is not only a hot spot for activities, but also a home to superheroes, a time for reflection after hikes and most importantly, a place of nourishment. We are a community steeped in tradition. Although these traditions usually revolve around beloved evening programs or destinations on Mentor hikes, one tradition that we often forget to share about is meal time. To enter a meal, we bless our food with songs praising the earth and the individuals such as farmers and kitchen staff who prepare our food for us. Our outstanding kitchen staff, led by their fearless Polish leader, Olivia, provide us with scrumptious snacks, meals and desserts that send our taste buds into a frenzy of happiness.

Following a meal, we assess our ORT (Organic Recyclable Trash). The amount of ORT leftover on our plates that can either be composted at our farm, fed to the pigs or thrown away determines whether we fall into “Coolsville”, “Mediocricity” or “Danger Zone.” It is not only a way to unite cabins under a shared goal of staying in “Coolsville” together, but it also keeps our camp mindful of the waste we produce. At dinner time, the ORT is measured by our resident superheroes of the new millennium, Ortman and Scrappy, hailing from the Planet Compost. Their comedic timing and enthusiasm over composting is easily the highlight of the meal.

Lastly, we have a unique tradition that occurs only after dinner: Table Banging. We have three specific combinations in which we slap the table in unison with all of our might. It is almost a rite of passage for returners to teach newcomers the three combinations. The satisfaction in carrying out this fast paced activity without flaw can quickly bring a smile to any camper’s face.

We hope you all are following the pictures being updated regularly on CampInTouch and can’t wait for your camper to bring table banging home to you.

-Kristin Caddick