Safe and Sound at Stella

By Green River Preserve

We will start with currently it is 1:45 PM and I am finally able to sit down to write this post. As I write this, your Expeditioners have partly sunny skies and a 3 mph wind that has been variable. It is 78 degrees in Stella. If you would like to follow the weather at the base camp, where they will be for the storm, please use Stella NC.

When I left yesterday afternoon the groups energy was fabulous and everyone is looking forward to the days ahead. It was great to have the opportunity to be down there for an opening day. I enjoyed getting to speak with several parents. For those of you that were not able to make it to the opening, the building and facilities in Stella put the parents that were able to make it, at ease. Our outpost was at one time the general store for Stella NC, and was built in the 1880s. It has seen and survived all of the strongest storms the Atlantic has been able to dish out including the great storm of 33. At that time Hurricanes were not named. Scott, who owns the building expects not much more than a Nor’Easter. We will be in communication with the group and update the blog as we hear things.

Your Expeditioners played a great game of charades while the leaders put out a delicious spread for lunch. “ Just another lunch at Stella,” Richard said. Following a safety discussion the group had there opening respect circle and then moved into their tents. I left as the swim review was beginning and wanted to stay and swim a while.

Thank you so much for giving your children/young adults this opportunity, we believe the world is improving because of it.

Just in at 1:33 PM Thursday from leader Alex:

This morning we enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, followed by fishing and swimming on the dock. We caught some minnows and I caught a fairly large mullet in the cast net! The kids were very excited to hear what Liz had to teach about the fish before we released it back into the water. In anticipation of bad weather we are remaining inside for the rest of today/tonight. Rest hour just finished up and we are going to make prayer flags this afternoon. The kids will also have time to research their teaching topic and play some group games before dinner. After dinner we will do some crafts.