Sandy’s Notes – Animal Tracks & Stone Age Tracks

By Sandy Schenck

On my way to scout for a new camp site for the coming summer, I stopped by Ander’s Bottom to set up a trail camera on the stream bank. The trail camera photographs anything moving within its range day or night. Something is happening to our trout and I believe the trail camera may help solve the mystery.

greenriver_smI wish all campers could see the Green River in the snow. The water is clear as the air.  Other than the sound of the stream, the forest is absolutely quiet. I see no fish in the stream but close to the river are tracks of coyote and deer and there are ‘turkey scratchings’ in the leaves. There are still acorns on the ground so the animals have sufficient food so far this winter. On the sand bank of Newman’s Pool, I see fresh evidence of a large animal. The water is brutally cold, but this animal apparently has been in the water.  I put sardines in front of the trail camera. I’ll let you know what happens.

As I mentioned, Green River needs a new camping shelter for this coming animal trackssummer. I decided to explore some of the Uncles Creek watershed to look for a suitable location. I found these tracks on a logging road.  Later I found similar tracks crossing the road over a small stream.

Can anyone identify these tracks?

Near a small creek I discovered some “percussion flakes”, a sure sign of Stone Age people. Near the knapped stone, I found this. (See photo). I love the Green River. On a Sunday walk I can find tracks of mysterious animals and find stone “tracks” from the Stone Age.