Sandy’s Notes – Arrowhead Discovery

By Sandy Schenck

Last summer, Elsa Cline a camper in Session 6—discovered an “arrowhead” near her cabin in Girlsville. It was made of quartz, beautifully designed and in perfect condition.  She found it near where a broken pipe located about two feet underground had been dug up for repair in the spring.Palmer corner notched point

A digital photograph of the unusual point was sent to Dr.Alan May, an archeologist at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia.  Dr. May reports that the artifact is a Palmer corner notched point. The Palmer dates from around 10,000 to 8,000 B.C.!  Until Elsa made her amazing discovery, the oldest point discovered in base camp was a Guilford Lanceolate point dated from around 4,000B.C.

Green River campers live in cabins built in 1988 on a wooded ridge beside a small stream.  Now we have evidence that Native Americans camped on the same ridge and probably played in the same cold, clean water that our campers enjoy today.  For nearly 12,000 years people have camped where we camp.