Sandy’s Notes – Trail Cam photo & Bear Signs

By Sandy Schenck

I “baited” the trail camera at Anders Bottom a few days ago. I had seen fresh otter, deer and turkey tracks along the stream so I was really excited about catching some of these critters on camera. For “bait” I used corn and sardines. Yum.

This morning I retrieved the photo card. This is what the “trail cam” recorded.


This summer we will have several trail cameras available for use. Just think how much fun we will have… Grand Slam by trail cam!  bearsigns_sm

In the continuing search for new Green River camp sites, I explored the headwaters of Uncles Creek over the weekend. Along the way, I took this photo of a Chinese Chestnut planted in one of our wild-animal food plots. bearmarks_smNotice the broken limbs. Look closer and you can see claw marks. If you are thinking bear, you are correct.

One of my mountain friends says that bear are wasteful. Bear will break off entire limbs or kill and entire tree to get at nuts or fruit. Deer, my friend explains, tend to prune rather than kill.

We saw fresh bear tracks in the snow beside the craft hut last week. Our bear apparently don’t take hibernation too seriously.