Seek the Joy

By Green River Preserve

Campers in our 2-week session love the wide array of mentor hikes offered. Building upon the classic Upper/Lower Bald, River, and Long Rock/Cave hikes, campers in our longer sessions enjoy visiting the Farm, mountain biking, Walkout hikes, and more. Our morning today consisted of many of these varying destinations, so campers returned to lunch with stories of everything from Polar Bearing to puppies to extremely friendly hummingbirds.

Although a fairly intense rain shower began during lunch, we sang right through it and did not let it put a damper on the afternoon to come. After rest hour, campers began their second set of activities, completely different from the ones they have been attending for the past two days. This is with exception to our Advanced Theatre students who are hard at work on writing plays, reading through scripts, and singing songs. I heard an impressive rendition of “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas coming from them while I was in the pottery studio!
I know all my campers are excited to be trying three new activities today, and I am sure the rest of camp is as well.

Additionally, many campers have expressed their excitement for Campout, which is coming up this weekend! It is many campers’ “Bud” during Rose, Bud, Thorn. It makes me so happy that the campers are enthusiastic about this 3-day/2-night backpacking trip; it makes it that much more fun for fellow campers and staff!
Tonight’s tasty dinner will be followed by a Lower Council Fire, the casual and energetic cousin to Sunday night’s Upper Council Fire. It is sure to be entertaining and full of songs and laughter! Be sure to look out for photos on the website.
Tomorrow comes with yet another chance to seek the joy of being alive!

Until then,

Carolyn /// TC 1