Seep the Joy

By Ruby Compton

    Green River Preserve’s year-round staff spent a few days away from the camp to set goals and discuss the road to the summer. It was a lovely three days of enjoyment of the outdoors, community building, and constant talk about camp. We even got to try out a brand new toy for movie night this summer.


[caption id=“attachment_5923” align=“alignright” width=“234”]movie screen Movie Night at GRP got supersized.[/caption]

    In discussing the future of GRP, one of the goals that was agreed upon for the year-round staff was a play on words from the Woodcraft Laws. During the summer, campers are often reminded to “seek the joy of being alive.” Life is a gift and there is so much joy that can be found in all adventures and experiences, big and small.

    The staff agreed that camp is a wonderful place to work and to be during the summer and during the off-season. Therefore one of the year-round staff goals is to SEEP the joy of working at Green River Preserve. Everything that we do and say and express should truly exude the fact that we love our work and are totally committed to delivering the mission of Green River.

    We hope that you experience our “seeping the joy” when interacting with us on the phone, email, Facebook, and in person. We also hope your children will come home from our program exuding that same joy and delight for nature, their communities, and their lives.

    How can you seep the joy in your life?