Session 1: Day 1

By Sandy Schenck

Despite off and on rain, the wet weather did not dampen the campers’ spirits as they started on their mentor hikes this morning. It proved to be excellent weather for spotting animals in fact. 

One group of campers saw a black rat snake while another one spotted a garter snake. Other animals seen were a red eft (see the cover photo of GRP’s Facebook page), a five-inch salamander and even a spider carrying her egg sac. Then two different groups saw wild turkeys which is one of the Grand Slam animals! (The three remaining are a black bear, a venomous snake and a deer. If all three are seen, then there is a camp-wide ice cream extravaganza.)  

After lunch, the campers and counselors alike enjoyed rest hour then began the three activity periods which included field games, canoeing, fly fishing, tae kwon do, arts and crafts and much more. What made it even nicer is that the sun decided to come out as well. Evening program was a rousing game of Predator Prey. It’s certain that the campers will sleep very well tonight.