Session 1: Day 2

By Sandy Schenck

by Becca Bland, GRP Counselor
The day dawned at GRP with the sun poking out from behind the clouds, and by the time everyone left on their Mentor Hikes sunscreen was advised for all the campers. As became apparent when we filed into the dining hall for breakfast (“pancakes the size of your face”), today was the birthday of one of the campers in our GRP family. With the Birthday Hat donned, she cheerfully took the seat at the head of her decorated table (cake to come at dinner).
The kids went on hikes in the same groups that they went out with yesterday morning, except today they went with different mentors to explore different parts of the Preserve. After a camper favorite lunch, the “Brown Meal” (chicken, fries, and peaches), and the mentors reported having a fun, successful morning. The group that went to the Balds described seeing the incoming storm raining heavily on the opposite ridge (the same storm dumped over base camp during lunch and rest hour). The groups that went to Uncle’s Falls returned with many new polar bears. Two groups went to Long Rock and the Indian Cave came back with sightings of the ancient “Bird-man” petroglyph, a small brown bat, and a nest of baby phoebe birds. On all the hikes the campers have been looking hard for their Spirit Stones.
Activities roll on this afternoon, though some may take place in the Lodge due to the afternoon thunderstorm. Even the heavy rain can’t contain the energy and excitement that is running through camp. Campers continue to see new things, make new friends, and learn more and more about themselves and the world in which they live.