Session 1, Day 3: Another Grand Slam Animal Spotted!

By Sandy Schenck

camper with quartz crystal

It was a beautiful morning for a hike as was mentioned several times during the mentor hike reports after lunch. One group did some bushwhacking and polar bearing at Uncle’s Falls. What is polar bearing, you may ask? Well, it’s when a camper stands under the cold, mountain waterfall and says “polar bear” three times… well, actually they yell it. They are so proud to stand up and be recognized during the hike reports.

On another hike at Reasonover, a camper found an actual quartz crystal. He was really thrilled to have spotted it. One of the hiking groups that went up to the Balds saw a copperhead. Yep, another Grand Slam animal! These guys have very sharp eyes! Two down, two to go! The same group also saw traces of the other Grand Slam animals – bear scat and turkey and deer tracks. 

The group that went to the Hemlock Field set up a Ninja training ground which involved millipedes and salamanders. You’ll have to ask your camper about that one. They also searched for spirit stones which they will start painting later today.

Evening program will be a night exploration hike and campouts around base camp. You’ll read more about that on the blog tomorrow.