Session 1, Day 4: Happy Campers

By Sandy Schenck

by Vivian Delchamps, GRP Counselor

Everything is going great for the one-weekers, who cheerfully skip to meals, sing songs, and learn all about nature!

On Wednesday, a storm hit during Rest Hour but conveniently left in order to allow activities to proceed as planned. Sixteen boys and girls learned Tai Kwan Do from black belt counselor Sean Papa on the Sun Deck of the Lodge while inside, eager climbers crossed a high wire Postman’s Crossing while safely strapped into harnesses and protected by helmets. At the lake seasoned fishermen taught fly fishing, and campers have caught several fish in the last few days! Campers also improved their aim in BB Skeet and archery, painted and drew, and practiced their yoga skills in the peaceful gazebo. 

The evening program was night hikes and, for some cabins, campout night! Mentors taught groups in fun games about how different animals use senses like hearing and echolocation and led short hikes. One group went to an Indian Burial Ground. Then, many cabin groups set up sleeping bags in various places on base camp to get a feel for what it is like to be on a Campout! 

On Thursday after a yummy breakfast and a great Word of the Day (clandestine), mentors led groups in hikes around the Preserve. One group went to the Blue Ridge Expedition base camp Reasonover to explore an old gold mine and find salamanders. Campers swam in the Green River and stood under Uncle’s Creek Falls and so we have many new members to the Polar Bear Club! Everything was announced at our delicious lunch.