Session 1 Opening Day 2015

By Green River Preserve

The day that we all awaited for so long finally arrived (yesterday!), and there are campers again on the Green River Preserve. Some of us have been anticipating this day for months – some of us, myself included, since last Summer ended – and a handful of young counselors have been waiting for Opening Day of Session One in 2015 since their final season as Base Campers five years ago. I cannot tell you how excited we are to have your children here at last. As the gate opened and cars began streaming into the back lot yesterday, it seemed that the atmosphere of Base Camp changed. The Green River Valley is often referred to as a magical place, but the magic really begins the moment that campers arrive, bringing with them their enthusiasm, excitement, and curiosity.

After bunks were claimed, trunks were stowed, and parents and guardians streamed out of the Back Field and on toward home, we filled the last half of Opening Day with camp Orientation Tours, the Respect Circle, the Swim Review, and lots and lots of games. Looking out across the Front Field at different cabin groups waiting for their turn to jump in the lake for Swim Review, one could almost see new friendships forming, bridges building in the smiles of both new and return campers. Then, after dinner, we headed to the Lower Council Fire to sing songs, tell stories and warm our toes by the fire.

There has come a moment in every day that I have spent at the Green River Preserve when I have realized: I am the luckiest person in the world. This moment occurred for me last night as I stood on the porch between Whippoorwill 1 and Whippoorwill 2 after Rose, Bud, Thorn. Rain pattered down on the path before me and as I let my eyes adjust to the dark I listened for a moment to the sounds of what I can only describe as complete caring coming from the cabins to my right and left. From one side came the voice of a counselor reading Half Magic as her campers moved toward sleep, and from the other came the sound of a counselor quietly picking “Blackbird” for her drowsy campers on the guitar. I was a counselor last year, and up until this moment when I left the cabins on my first night as a Mentor, I had only ever felt the love that we have for our campers. I had never before been able to stop and peek in at it from a slight remove. I wish you could have been there listening in on it with me. It was beautiful.

You all, the parents of our youngest campers, know how quickly time passes in the earliest seasons of life. We, too, know: summer will fly. So we will spend this week walking the land, singing songs, exploring Activities, making friends, and experiencing the joy of living to our outermost capacities. In exchange for the week you have given us with your curious, silly, intelligent, and wonderful children, all we can really do is thank you.

- Holly, Whippoorwill 1 and 2 Adopt-A-Mentor