Session 2, Day 1: Two in One Day!

By Sandy Schenck

On the mentor hikes this morning the campers watched a thunderstorm form, one camper found a spearhead at the farm while hoeing potatoes, many became polar bears at Uncle’s Falls and Hemlock Field and yes, two Grand Slam animals were spotted by one group. First they ran across the scat of a turkey and then moments later they saw the turkey fly away. The same group also spotted a copperhead. At this rate, we might as well go ahead and just buy the ice cream…

Today Little Tree 1 and Spirit Winds 2 won the clean cabin awards – a bright pink flamingo. The campers in those cabins were very excited to win it. 

This afternoon the campers enjoyed a wide variety of activities: creative writing, arts & crafts, archery, bb skeet, fly fishing, fencing, woodworking, theatre, music, pottery, yoga and more! 

Evening program was upper council fire.