Session 2 Day 17; Mini Session Day 2

By Sandy Schenck

Session 2 has had a terrific day of GLP’s! They had some exciting options to choose from, and it sounds like they have all lived up to their promise. We had some campers headed out on a hike to Rainbow Falls; another group went climbing at Bear Rock, a location on the Preserve. There, campers have the opportunity to put the skills they have learned on climbing towers to work on a real rock-face. Others headed down to Prayer Rock, for a more meditative day of Solo Sits. Our fly-fishing fans stayed in base camp for the morning, fishing in our ponds, practicing their casts. Then they headed down to Hemlock Field and the Green River, where they had great success—4 people caught fish! (It’s much harder to catch fish in the river than in our, ahem, well-stocked ponds.) One group participated in a day-long Sweat Lodge, learning about this Native American tradition. Yet another group learned about primitive painting, using scenes around camp as inspiration. Finally, we had several campers interested in learning how to make cheese-they made several varieties, including a dessert concoction made with ricotta cheese, vanilla, and sugar. For evening program tonight, they’re playing Capture the Flag, a perennial camp favorite.

Mini Session campers had great success with their first mentor hikes today. They split up into four groups; one group set out for Uncle’s Falls, a beautiful waterfall located on the Preserve. Several campers took the Polar Bear Challenge—standing under the waterfall in the cold water for as long as it takes to yell “Polar Bear” three times. Others ventured into the Salamander Cave, so named because, well, it’s a cave where lots of salamanders live! Yet another group checked out the Indian Cave, a cave that is big enough to have a couple of rooms. Another group hiked out at Long Rock, enjoying the beautiful view and learning about petroglyphs. They also tasted lots of blueberries and learned about sassafras! Other campers scrambled up to the Lower Bald, another favorite destination at the Green River Preserve. Tomorrow they’ll see some more sights around the Preserve.

This afternoon, they participated in their first activities. Lots of campers are taking canoeing, and they were very excited about both the canoeing and getting to jump in the water at the end of the period! Others have signed up for BB Skeet, where they will practice their marksmanship. “Nature art is the funnest thing ever” was one camper’s comment upon leaving nature art. In nature art, campers think about ways in which nature can be inspiring artistically. We sometimes use a book of Andy Goldsworthy’s works to demonstrate the potential, and then campers create their own works of art. Other campers were out and about, working on drawings of what they see around camp, another artistic approach to appreciating nature.

Tonight Mini Session campers are playing a huge game of Bob-tag; then they will head to bed, to get a good night’s sleep, so they will be ready for another day of exciting adventures!