Session 2 Day 19; Mini Session Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

Be kind. Do at least one act of unbargaining service each day. Be helpful. Do your share of the work. Be joyful. Seek the joy of being alive.

We were busy today trying to live up to “Love,” one of the four Woodcraft Laws that we espouse here at the GRP.* Our Session 2 campers and staff participated in day-long service projects around camp. Two groups set out for sites around the Preserve; one group headed up the Cat’s Knob Trail, clearing it of brush and debris and improving it as a hiking trail. Another group headed to Joe’s Pool to clean and clear the site, improving it as a camp-out location. They also cleared the Bear Trail, a popular hiking trail. Other groups stayed in camp; one of these groups spent the day painting. We love our bright, colorful painted buses here at the GRP, and they cheerfully repainted one of our pick-up trucks to be equally bright and colorful. They also painted some chairs and carts for us. Another group built a drift fence, which is for catching interesting reptile and amphibian specimens and monitoring such populations in a particular area. We look forward to some cool studies of cool critters! And our last group helped make our final banquet a truly special occasion for our Mini Session campers; they spent the day making blackberry cobbler and decorating the Lodge. Our Session 2 campers have left their mark, helping make the Green River Preserve a better place while they are here and for those who come after them. Truly acts of unbargaining service!

Meanwhile, our Mini Session campers were continuing to explore ways to “seek the joy of being alive” and trying to make the most of their last full day here. Our mentor hikes went up to Uncle’s Falls again, and many campers polar-beared and salamander-caved; they are now calling themselves polarmanders and salabears! They saw lots of crawfish, too. Another group went to the Indian Cave, and our last group hiked to the Balds. We are really proud of our Mini Session campers—they have been super troopers in their hikes. This afternoon they took their last two activities. Several campers made dream-catchers in Crafts; others drew scenes from nature in Drawing. So far, campers’ favorite activities include canoeing and stream exploration.

Tonight, Mini Session campers enjoyed our final banquet—lasagna, salad, peas and carrots, and that heavenly blackberry cobbler, served a la mode. Then they went to the Upper Council Fire, our traditional evening program for our last night of camp. We are sure they will have some great stories to tell you when they see you tomorrow! We have had a super time with them, and we hope they will continue to seek the joy.

*The other three Woodcraft Laws are Beauty, Truth, and Fortitude; these are adapted from the Woodcraft Laws written at the turn of the century by Ernest Seaton, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America.