Session 2 Day 20 and Mini Session Day 4: Sunrises and Sunsets

By Sandy Schenck

We said good-bye to our Mini campers today; we are sad to see them go—we had such a wonderful time with them! Such a concentration of curiosity, energy, and cuteness—they brightened our time here and made us see the GRP through new eyes. We are grateful for having gotten to know them, and we hope to see them back next summer!

While our Mini campers were taking their leave, our Session 2 campers were off on yet another adventure. They rose at 3 am (!) and night-hiked up to Pretty Place, arriving in time to see the sun rise this morning. Campers took on the challenge of hiking without flashlights or other artificial light, and at least a couple of groups also chose to hike in silence. They were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise and a breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and eggs. They were also rewarded with some time to sleep upon their return to camp.

After lunch, Session 2 split up into cabin groups. They then spent some time in Solo Sits, giving them time to reflect on all they have experienced in the past three weeks. After Solo Sits, they had cabin time, packing and just hanging out. Our Mini session staff members decorated the Lodge for Session 2’s final banquet, and they gave Session 2 their sunset at Long Rock—Session 2 was supposed to go up to Long Rock last night to watch the sun set, but the excursion was canceled due to inclement weather. So our staff created a big sunset at one end of the Lodge, and a faux Long Rock down the middle of the Lodge floor, and a sky-fading-to-a-starry-night-sky-effect down the sides and at the back of the Lodge (all done using just construction paper, tissue paper, and scraps of cloth—we have some creative folks on staff). After dinner, we went to the Upper Council Fire; we sang songs and heard readings and a story. Several campers were recognized for having spent four or more years here, and tomorrow, they will receive a special picture frame to commemorate the loyalty they have shown. We finished the evening by floating candle-boats in the canoe lake while staff serenaded us. It is the perfect way to end the session, as we all reminisce about these past few weeks together.

We wish you safe travels, whether you are coming to or going from the Green River Preserve!