Session 2, Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

MushroomThe campers are doing well in the ort department. After a brief visit in Dangerzone, they’re holding steady in Coolsville. (Remember when you say this, you have to move your arm up and down like a wave and say, “Cooooooolsville.”)

The Cabin Fairy and his sidekick Lars visited the campers to hand out the cleanest cabin award, which is a bright pink flamingo and the dirtiest cabin award, a rubber chicken. The cleanest cabins were Little Tree 1 and All Tucked Inn 1.

The campers put in a lot of effort to win the cleanest cabin award… perhaps it’s something to consider for your home… dress up in a pink and purple dress with wings, put on a wig. sunglasses… well, maybe not. (By the way, the messiest cabins were Big Laurel 2 and Trailing Cedars 1.)

On the hikes we had some polar bears as usual, but this time around we had some extreme polar bears – campers who stood under the waterfall for over 60 seconds! Another group found some very interesting looking mushrooms including a destroying angel. They also ran across an assassin bug

If you were coming to dinner tonight, you probably would think you were seeing double. At lunch, Missy and Kat announced to the campers that it was Twinner Night. That’s when the campers and counselors dress up as twins. Should be a lot of fun!

Evening program will be the Recycle Bandstand.