Session 2 Excitement

By Green River Preserve

Today, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our first two-weekers, and I can not express enough how excited we were when everyone got here! Family photos were taken, hugs were exchanged as the parents waved goodbye to their precious cargo and headed back home. We, on the other hand, were greeting and hugging old and new faces as we talked about all the fun that was about to happen in these two short weeks where strangers become best friends, and old friends will rekindle the magic GRP brings out in everyone.

As the first bell rang on this Sunday afternoon, we started with cabin photos for the boys and the Respect Circle for the girls, then the groups switched places. Needless to say, I captured some pretty fun pictures on both sides, while the others were learning about the importance of our Woodcraft Laws: Love, Beauty, Fortitude and Trust.

The swim review was a blast as everyone made some great jumps into the semi-cold and refreshing water. Cabin time has now crept upon us as we wait for our first meal together as the GRP family. After dinner, we will head up to the Upper Council Fire and have a nice little ceremony before bedtime. We are all so excited for what tomorrow brings, and I for one can not wait to capture some amazing moments on the Mentor hikes and all throughout the day!

In closing, I leave you with a poem that Missy has written.

(GRP Photographer)


Oh my goodness, oh my gosh,
I was leaving the office around one o’clock…
the moon was full, the frogs were croakin’
the trees lit up with fire flies floatin’.

When out of the night I heard a loud clang.
I knew at once that familiar rang.
The hummingbird feeders were under attack.
Should I charge on, or retreat and turn back?

A gruff and a groan…gee now I’m scared.
I knew in that instant it must be a BEAR!
I ran to the office and called our house phone.
It rang and it rang, but no one was home.

Finally, an answer, Sandy was there,
I cried out to him, it’s a BEAR, it’s a BEAR!
You’re kidding, I’m not! Please turn on some lights
and wait on the porch, ‘til you see me in sight.

Whew, that was close! I’m home safe and sound.
The feeders are bent and down on the ground.
So listen up campers, at night if you dare;
the full moon is bright for roaming black bears!

Missy Schenck