(Session 2, June 24)

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff had a terrific time on GLP’s today!  We had several really interesting projects going on in and around camp.  One group spent the day fly-fishing; they started out here at Base Camp, and then after a picnic lunch, they went down to Hemlock Field and fished the Green River.  Another group participated in a Sweat Lodge ritual, talking about the history and significance of it and other purifying rituals.  One of our new school buses is now newly painted—we chose the theme of The Giving Tree, the story of the tree that grows old with the boy, providing him friendship and shelter all his life.  We love our brightly painted buses!  Some campers chose the Day of the Disc—we have some serious Ultimate Frisbee players at camp—not only are campers having fun playing games, they’re learning important life skills like teamwork and communication.  Our canoeing enthusiasts went over to Cascade Lake, where they canoed over to Hooker Falls, hiked up to the Falls, played around and swam, and then canoed back—a full day!  Some other campers chose the Day of Zen—a day to learn about more meditative practices like Tai Chi.  They also made really yummy, healthy smoothies.  Our early risers were our bird-watching group, who got up at 6 am to go birding.  They also made some really cool birdhouses—some out of gourds!

After campers and staff finished with their projects, they went back to cabins to pack and to get ready for our Final Night dinner.  We were joined by The Green River Preserve’s Blue Ridge Expeditions, who told us a little about their trip—something for campers to look forward to as they get older.  Then we had our final Upper Council Fire—an evening of stories and songs.  We finished the night with our candleboat ceremony, floating candleboats in the canoe lake and listening to music played by staff.

You can see pictures of all the fun from today here—we cannot believe the session is over.  We have loved having your campers with us!