Session 2 Shindig

By Ruby Compton

Howdy Y’all! My name is Clementine and Ruby called me up to come down from East Tennessee to help host the Shindig this evening. Many people mistake me for Ruby as she is my long lost twin sister. This year my camp-directing-sister wanted a genuine caller to be here to help the campers learn some good ol’ Appalachian mountain dances and moves. I was lucky enough to get to camp a little early so I ate dinner with the hospitable ladies of Spirit Winds 1.

4df2aace-4f76-4632-818d-b125023d96f8At dinner, these fine young women were kind enough to share some cheesy pasta with me. I called it “raviolis.” They also had some tasty broccoli on the table that was seasoned with real garlic. WOOEEY! It was delicious. While at dinner, my table-mates shared with me about their Mentor Hikes, their afternoon activities, and their camp superheroes. I was surprised to learn that these kiddos have super heroes that make regular appearances at camp! For dessert, we had what was called “S’more Pillows.” I can only really compare them to a smore-flavored Hot Pocket. It has a graham cracker outside with a layer of chocolate and a layer of marshmallow-y goodness container inside. There were enough at the table for each of us to have one and we still had some left over. These generous ladies worked together to split the two remaining S’more Pillows into small enough portions that each of us could have a few bites more! 

The Spirit Winds 1 ladies were also kind enough to inform me that I should take off my beloved cowboy hat because nobody is allowed to wear hats in the Lodge. They graciously shared their food with me and explained to me all about the Woodcrafter Laws. By the end of dinner, I was partaking in table-banging and watching Ortman and Scruffy get carried away by the evil Plastique and her minions. Oh my gracious!

I simply couldn’t believe the kindness and courtesy exuded by these young women as they shared their traditions and meal with me. I feel so lucky to get a glimpse of this fine camp family and the hospitality and community they have created in just over two days.

Not too much later, my musician friends, The Ort Gobblers, arrived to play music for the evening program. Complete with a guitar, upright bass, and fiddle (which is different from a violin when you are playing Appalachian music!), the Ort Gobblers kept the music going as I taught the campers three dances in the round where campers do-si-doed, swung their partners, and promenaded around the Lodge. They were quick learners and we had a ball as we twirled, spun, and danced around the Lodge.

A special thanks to Green River Preserve for hosting me this evening and I hope all you parents out there will ask your campers to share with you a dance or two they learned at camp. If they have a hard time remembering the calls, I’ve included them below. Happy summer friends!

Yours Truly,


Dance One:
Heel Toe Heel Toe Slide Slide Slide Slide

Heel Toe Heel Toe Slide Slide Slide Slide

Right 2 3, Left 2 3, Both 2, 3, On your knees

Swing Your Partner


Dance Two:

Right Hand Round

Left Hand Round

Both Hands Round

Do Si Do Right

Do Si Do Left

In 2 3 4, Out 2 3 4



Dance Three:

1 2 3 turn 5 6 7 8, 1 2 3 turn 5 6 7 8

Together! Away! Bring Your Partner Round.

Together! Away! Under the arm and out!