Session 2/3 Day 10

By Sandy Schenck

Many thanks to Joe, who provided a counselor’s perspective on the GRP yesterday. Many of our staff were GRP campers, and they play an important part in carrying on the traditions and spirit of the Green River Preserve.

Mentor hikes this morning included a hike into Indian Cave. Campers love going into the cave—“really cool” is the general assessment; other commentary includes “you can’t see in there!” So staff wear their headlamps, and they take a candle in, too, to better illuminate the cave’s wet and dry rooms. Campers wear helmets when they go in and explore, so no bumping their heads, even though “you can’t see in there!” Another mentor hike went out to the Pine Barrens, near Turkey Field. Campers played some traditional Native American stalking games; they also learned about edible wild plants, such as sweet birch and huckleberries.

Activities at the GRP reflect the wide-ranging interests of campers and staff. Today on the front field, Field Games was playing a spirited game of touch football; campers and counselors alike were running plays and cheering on their teammates. On the other side of the field, the campers taking Tai Chi were reviewing the movements they had learned and then putting the sequence together from memory. Staff teaching Tai Chi were giving feedback on campers’ stance and foot position. Different ways of channeling energy and seeking the joy!

Campers’ highlights of their day, besides mentor hikes, included making a mug in pottery; fencing; hitting the “dream shot” in BB Skeet; woodburning; basketweaving; climbing; and drumming. We finished the evening with the Variety Show. Campers (and some staff) performed songs and skits. Some campers sang covers, while others debuted original numbers for us. The costume closet was fully utilized, and we were fully entertained!