Session 2/3 Day 12

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff have made the most of their last day of mentor hikes and activities for both Session 2 and Session 3. We had two groups going up to Uncle’s Falls today; one group hiked up the creek itself. Lots of polar-bears! The group that went out to Peggy’s Rock saw tons of bear scat (but no bear—that’s the one animal we’re missing for a Grand Slam this session). They played games and hung out in the Pine Barrens. At the farm, they did some weeding and harvested some more produce; a few brave souls even tasted the onions that they harvested, raw! One group stayed close to Base Camp, chilling out in front of a fire and weaving some baskets. Another group had an amazing hike out to Wintergreen Falls; they spent part of the hike in such silence that when they saw a deer and stopped, the deer appraised them for about two minutes and then started walking toward them. It only stopped and started backing away when, presumably, it caught their scent.

Campers were shooting for the metaphorical and literal “dream shot” across their activities. (Both BB Skeet and Archery set up dream shots, which are targets that are very difficult to get.) A couple of campers hit the dream shot in archery, and others hit the moving target-our archery range has some cool targets set up with a pulley system, that allows the camper to aim at a target that moves across the range. Campers from Session 3 were glazing the pottery they had made in previous activity periods; those will be fired, so they will be ready to be taken home in just a couple of days. Climbers at the rock-climbing tower were striving for the top; some were trying particularly hard routes, climbing up an overhang. Several also rappelled down the tower.

Camp split into cabin groups tonight for evening program, for some bonding time as Session 3 gets ready to head home and Session 2 prepares for another camp-out. There were quite a few s’mores being made; a couple of cabins were making s’moreos, and others branched out into milkshakes.

Session 2 heads out tomorrow morning, while Session 3 has Group Learning Projects, a full day spent in a special activity designed to be both fun and educational. More on those tomorrow!