Session 2/3 Day 3

By Sandy Schenck

Well, we are up to our necks in wild turkeys here at the GRP, but no sign—yet—of the other 3 animals we need for a Grand Slam this summer! Too bad box turtles don’t count. At least two mentor hikes saw wild turkeys today; two others saw box turtles, and one of those also found a box turtle shell. One group interrupted the box turtle’s lunch—it was eating a mushroom. The group that went up to Uncle’s Falls wasn’t content just to polar bear at the top—they hiked through the creek to get to the falls! Water hikes are always fun. Another group talked about nature’s medicinal properties; they identified poison ivy and then jewelweed, a plant that can be used to treat a variety of skin rashes, including poison ivy.

We are enjoying beautiful weather—cool at night and sunny during the day—which has been perfect for both mentor hikes and activities. Today, campers continued in the activities they started yesterday. Several fish were caught—a small bream and a couple of rainbow trout, including one that measured up at about 18 inches! Several of the BB Skeet shooters hit the “dream” shot, a challenging target. Our artists were working on a variety of projects, including pencil sketches; some were finishing up drawings from yesterday and some were adding color. Our fencers took part in a mini-tournament, with teams representing England and Australia.

We finished the day with a camp-wide game of Predator/Prey. Each cabin group was assigned a category of animal, ranging from insect to hawk. Most of the “animals” dress in camouflage; the “hawks,” however, are required to wear brightly-colored clothing. When the game was over, we discussed strategies for evading predators, including hiding and running, noting some of the similarities between the game and “real” life—but also noting that for animals, it’s a matter of survival.

We start new activities tomorrow and campout is just three days away—lots to look forward to!