Session 2/3 Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

Our weather started off a little wacky today—rainy and cloudy and thundering when we woke up; then the sun was struggling to come out; then it was raining while the sun was shining; then, finally, everything cleared up by the end of breakfast, and the rest of the day was beautiful. We needed the rain, so it was a good thing.

Our mentors were into “counting coups” today—a couple of groups were stalking other groups, with the goal of observing without being observed. Along the way, they heard more wild turkeys. One group bushwhacked their way up to the Spire, a point with a panoramic view of the Green River Valley; on their way down, they feasted on plump, ripe wild blueberries. Another group spent time at our Tipi, learning how to make fire and make cordage (rope and string made from poplar bark or raffia). We also had a group down at the Farm, harvesting radishes and some other vegetables. Instead of coming to Base Camp’s dinner tables, however, that produce will go to the Blue Ridge Expeditioners, who just started a session this morning. Rising 9th-12th graders can choose between two Expeditions, Blue Ridge and Outer Banks; after lunch today, we heard about the fun the Outer Banks Expeditioners had during their first trip—it sounds like they had some really inspiring experiences!

Campers started new activity rotations this afternoon. Several campers hit the “dream shot” in BB Skeet; campers were also taking aim in archery. They start off the period learning the safety rules and procedures; next they get instruction in stance and technique. Then, they practice, learning how to adjust their aim as they shoot. Once they have shot at the standing bulls-eye targets several times, campers can take a try at a moving target, a cut-out in the shape of a pig that is rigged to a string, so we can let it go and then pull it back. Not too many people can hit the moving target, but we had at least one score today. Another group of campers is taking dance; today they were focusing on emotions and dance, using movement to express feelings.

After a delicious dinner of roast beef, rice, corn, and biscuits—one camper kept exclaiming about how good the corn was—we finished the day with a Lower Council Fire. Staff told stories and we sang songs, around a campfire, under clear evening skies. It was the perfect camp finish to a great camp day.