Session 2/3 Day 5

By Sandy Schenck

The weather continues to smile on mentor hikes and activities! We had two more groups going up to Uncle’s Falls today—giving everyone a chance to “polar bear”—as well as another trip down to the Farm, harvesting again. Another group hiked into DuPont State Forest and went swimming at Fawn Lake. At least a couple of hikes “bushwhacked” their way to their final destination, rather than relying on established trails. Bushwhacking allows campers an even more direct experience with nature; it’s a wonderful way to explore.

Campers met again today with activities they started yesterday. In outdoor skills, campers were learning how to make shelters for themselves. In gardening, they were experimenting with garden smoothies—throwing whatever they thought might be good from the garden into a smoothie. ! That can definitely go in a variety of directions. In woodburning, they continued to work on wood chips that they will be able to take home as a keepsake. Some campers were burning their names onto the wood chip and decorating around the name; others were burning pictures, such as cabins, flowers, ivy, and trees, onto the wood chip.

For tonight’s evening program, campers split into cabin groups and went on night hikes. The night hikes provide an excellent opportunity for campers to learn about nocturnal animals and compare and contrast some of their adaptations with human traits, like peripheral vision. We had a great day, with exciting mentor hikes, interesting activities, and fun night hikes, but the real buzz around camp is the upcoming camp-out. Everyone leaves tomorrow—we’ll keep you posted on the preparations and departure!