Session 2/3 Day 6

By Sandy Schenck

Camp-Out Day Is Here! After sleeping in an extra hour this morning, and after a delicious breakfast that included eggs, bacon, grits, and toast, campers and staff spent the morning preparing for the adventure. They headed back to their cabins to clean up and get their personal effects packed into their backpacks. Then they all met in the back field, and counselors and mentors taught campers about Leave No Trace ethics; stations included how to wash your camp dishes in the most environmentally-friendly way, how to string up a bear-bag, and how, using Aquamira, to purify drinking water drawn from a stream.

After lunch and rest hour, campers and staff headed to the back field again, to get all the group gear packed up. They are carrying camp stoves, pots and pans, tarps—everything they’ll need for two days and nights of hiking, camping, eating, and hanging out under blue skies and starry nights. They headed out after getting all packed up, and they’ll be back Sunday afternoon—we’ll be back then with more reports on everything they did on the Camp-Out!