Session 4 Day 10--Let us tell you a story!

By Sandy Schenck

“Little Johnny was searching for his meaning in life. He decided to leave home and follow the rock-y snake. He turned to the north and saw trees tall and strong with age and rocks that were so old, they had green beards. Johnny walked a little further and found a mossy slide. He turned west and discovered three sets of stones surrounded by three trees. He finds clues of love, challenge, and joy. Little Johnny returned to the tall trees so that he could experience these things for himself. Again, he follows the snake and looks deep south into his heart. He found the river of truth and field of love, peace, & joy.”

Here at the GRP, we believe in the power of a story, and we integrate stories into camp life in many ways. We tell stories at campfires; the skits we have after meals for the Ort report and cabin inspection invariably develop ongoing storylines (Why can"t Scrappy fly?!?!). The story above was made up by one of our mentor hike groups this morning in an orienteering exercise. One way to help yourself as you navigate through the wilderness, especially if you get lost, is to make up a story that incorporates what you’re seeing as you go along. That way, if you’re going in circles, you’ll be more likely to notice the repetition of significant land features.

Our group this morning made up the story about Little Johnny. They will pass on the story to the next group that goes on the same hike, and that group will see if they can find their way, using the story as their guide. Narrative: yet another way to expand our experience of nature.